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Drug Rehab Treatment Centers in Lansdale are full-service substance abuse facilities specializing in addiction treatment interventions. Their comprehensive approach to treatment incorporates the most up-to-date substance abuse treatment options that are augmented with a range of educational and other alternative programs. Their customized Dual Diagnosis, Relapse Prevention, and Aftercare services help to make Drug Treatment Centers Lansdale one of the leading addiction treatment service providers available. The primary goal is to help ease the process of recovery for people battling addiction.

At drug treatment centers in Lansdale, there are board certified addiction clinicians have extensive experience treating all forms of cocaine addiction. According to local law enforcement, powdered and crack cocaine are the most significant drug threats in Texas. This drug is readily available and the major cause of addiction and drug-related violence in the area. Since a fatal overdose can happen at any time, calling Drug Treatment Centers in Lansdale to help you to stop substance abuse can turn out to be a life-saving decision.

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Cocaine and Crack Cocaine

Cocaine is described by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) as a powerfully addictive stimulant that directly affects the brain. It is a white crystalline powder that has the composition of table salt. On the street powdered cocaine may be referred to as snow, flake, and blow. The Cocaine sold on the street may be combined with sugar, talcum powder, amphetamine, and heroin. Users call it "speedball" when it is combined with heroin.

On a scale of one to ten, crack cocaine is considered the second most addictive illicit drug available. Through a boiling process, powdered cocaine is combined with other substances and converted into a hard amorphous material that looks like jagged rock crystals. It is referred to as crack cocaine because of the sound produced when the drug is smoked. Cocaine is a Schedule II drug, which means that it has high potential for abuse but also has some legitimate medical uses.

Telltale Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Of all the addictions, cocaine abuse is probably the easiest to identify and includes:

  1. Severe weight loss. Powdered and crack cocaine suppresses appetite and addicts can go for long periods without feeling hungry.
  2. Financial problems. This is an expensive habit so if the addiction persists, users will either be borrowing or stealing money.
  3. Depression is a withdrawal symptom of crack cocaine that occurs if the user is unable to get their usual fix.
  4. Leaving evidence of cocaine use around such as a rolled up dollar bill or a piece of cut straw.
  5. Cocaine addicts tend to neglect their physical appearance and hygiene.

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction typically requires the help of addiction specialist to overcome. Also, because of the complexities of this addiction, inpatient treatment is often recommended. According to the NIDA, people who abuse cocaine typically indulge in an activity known as "binging" that can cause full-blown psychosis in which the individual loses touch with reality and experiences auditory hallucinations, paranoia, and intense aggression. Inpatient treatment provides a safe environment that is very conducive to the recovery process.

Inpatient facility treatment includes...

  1. A medically supervised detox process to help addict safely withdraw from habitual use of this drug.
  2. The administration of medication when necessary to minimize difficult psychological withdrawal symptoms.
  3. Contingency management and cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  4. A drug-free, controlled environment with around the clock access to medical attention.
  5. Holistic remedies that help patients to establish new routines and patterns of behavior.

Inpatient/Residential treatment is especially beneficial for those who need constant care and a safe, supportive environment. Call a Drug Treatment Center Landsdale today at (215) 383-2672 and start the process to recovery.

About Lansdale, PA

Lansdale is a borough in Montgomery County PA, it is about 30 minutes from Philadelphia. The population of Lansdale is approximately 16,000 people. Lansdale is known for its popular events suchs as Lansdale Bike Night, The under the lights Car show, Lansdale Day, Founders Day, and Oktoberfest. Additionally, International Spring Fest is an annual celebration of Lansdale's diverse culture. Lansdale also is home to a Festival of the Arts show, performing arts such as movies and concerts for the community and monthly activities held by the parks and recreation department. Lansdale parks include Stony Creek Park and Gazebo Rental, and the Whites Road Park.


Upcoming Lansdale AA & NA Meetings:

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