Signs of Cocaine Overdose in Lansdale, PA

Know the signs of cocaine overdose. Find the right treatment for cocaine addiction at Drug Treatment Centers Lansdale

You have been messing around with cocaine, but is cocaine beginning to mess around with you? Are you starting to experience the negative effects of the drug but are unable to stop using? Do you realize that you can overdose on cocaine when it reaches toxic levels in your body? If you have answered yes to these questions, you need to get professional addiction recovery treatment at a rehab center. You should know the signs of cocaine overdose, and begin to protect yourself from this ever happening to you by getting clean.

By recognizing the signs of cocaine overdose, a friend or family member can help an addict get treatment for cocaine addiction that can save his life. Cocaine can cause many adverse effects in the brain and body, and it can also kill the user. Almost 5,000 individuals died from a cocaine overdose in 2011, and first-time users are no exception. Men are more likely to die from a cocaine overdose than women. An individual who is experiencing a cocaine overdose may not be aware that it is happening to him, but you may notice that his behavior will begin to change. If you or someone you know consistently abuses cocaine, you should learn the signs of cocaine overdose which include:

  1. Sweating

Cocaine addicts usually experience sweating when high on the drug, but when someone is overdosing on cocaine they will begin to sweat profusely. The addict will feel warm and may complain about the temperature being too hot.

  1. Accelerated Heartbeat

Another one of the signs of cocaine overdose is a rapid heartbeat, or experiencing heart palpitations. The addict's heart could also be beating irregularly, and the addict may complain that he feels like his heart is going to explode. He may feel like his heart is beating so loudly that he can hear it inside his head. Cocaine is a potent stimulant that increases the heartbeat, but toxic levels of the drug can cause cardiac arrest. If the cocaine addict is experiencing any of these signs, he should get immediate medical attention.

  1. Hallucinations

Hallucinations are another sign of cocaine overdose. This cocaine overdose symptom will cause the addict to act out, and he may endanger himself or someone else. One specific hallucination symptom that the addict may experience from a cocaine overdose is the feeling that "coke bugs" are crawling under his skin.

  1. Dilated Pupils

Cocaine addicts usually have dilated pupils, which is caused by the stimulant effects of the drug. Cocaine addicts who are experiencing an overdose will have much larger pupils than normal.

  1. Paranoia

Paranoia is a symptom of cocaine abuse, but an increased amount of the drug can create a difficult situation where the addict begins to act out in a manner unlike his usual behavior. Paranoia makes it hard to rationalize with the addict, and he may become uncontrollable.

  1. Violent Behavior

Another one of the distressing signs of cocaine overdose is violent behavior. The cocaine addict may begin to act out and endanger him self or others, and it may be necessary to restrain him.

  1. Heart Failure

Another problem cause by a cocaine overdose is having the addict go into cardiac arrest. He may begin to feel very dizzy and start to hyperventilate. If his heart stops beating he will probably lose consciousness. The cocaine addict will need immediate medical attention, because cardiac arrest from an overdose very often results in death.

  1. Stroke

If the cocaine addict experiences a stroke while overdosing on cocaine, blood flow to his brain will be interrupted and he may experience brain damage. One side of his body will become exceptionally weak causing his face to droop or become numb on that weak side, and he will have difficulty speaking.

Drug treatment centers in Lansdale, Pa. are equipped with the knowledge and resources to help you successfully get through cocaine withdrawal, and stay sober. The evidence-based approach to addiction recovery is effective and will help you remain sober long after you leave the facilities. You will never have to worry again about experiencing an overdose while on cocaine, and you can begin to live a healthy, cocaine-free life.

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